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About Me


I am an Oregon licensed psychologist. I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology from the American School of Professional Psychology, at Argosy University San Francisco California.  I completed internships at San Jose State University in the student counseling center; Marin Community Mental Health, Point Reyes, California; and the Behavioral Health Center for Native Americans in Capella California.  Prior to earning my doctorate I was a school psychologist in California.  I earned my school psychology credential from San Diego State University. I have a Master’s degree in Counseling from Boston University and a Bachelors of Arts degree, with a teaching emphasis from the University of Michigan. I have extensive multicultural, ethnic experience and training.

My therapy model incorporates a variety of approaches. It is a strength-based, integrative model. It unites traditional approaches with alternative ones and incorporates affective, cognitive, behavioral, developmental, social and cultural influences, emphasizing the needs of the whole human being.

I have training and experience in a variety of modalities including psychodynamic, interpersonal, brief, cognitive-behavioral, gestalt, solution focused, positivism, mindfulness, EMDR and the Human Givens Rewind technique for trauma and phobia, guided imagery/ hypnotherapy, family/ couple communication systems and psychological assessments.

I see therapy as a positive way to learn about ourselves in a safe environment. We become less self-critical, let go of negative, self-limiting thinking and beliefs that create our anxiety, depression and skew our perception of ourselves and others. We learn healthier coping strategies and improved communication of our feelings and needs.  

We live in an age where having this knowledge is a key element to our individual, community and global sanity. Normalizing psychological understanding is a goal for all of us.